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Website ADA Compliance

Website ADA compliance
Mitigate the risk of lawsuits

Activate the strongest website  accessibility  solutions  for WCAG & ADA compliance

Trusted by more than 225,000 small businesses and industry leaders alike

Affordable: Basic plans start at $320 per month; full-service plans start at $920 per month.
Efficient: Done-for-you installation with any website platform, plus follow-up support
Compliant: Accessibility statement and compliance certifications are provided

Prevent website ADA compliance lawsuits

Are you concerned about reducing the risk of lawsuits regarding ADA compliance for your website?

Arclight Digital provides website ADA compliance solutions that are fast, easy, and effective. We deploy an industry-leading, AI-driven software solution that can be quickly integrated into any existing website to begin bringing it into compliance immediately.

Trust us to keep your website accessible for all users and less vulnerable to lawsuits.


Correctional Facilities
Our team comprises law enforcement professionals with a combined experience of over 50 years, who understand first-hand the unique needs and nuances of correctional institutions and their susceptibility to lawsuits.

Law Firms
Differentiated from other website ADA compliance solution providers, experienced ADA compliance attorneys on our team can help guide your firm to the strongest and most cost-effective option.

Nonprofit Organizations
Arclight Digital has a rich history of partnering with noteable nonprofits and our team shares its 10+ years in nonprofit leadership and marketing with other NPOs who want to reduce the risk of lawsuits and increase the accessibility of their website.

Screen readers and keyboards

How the accessWidget  works

AccessiBe's accessWidget employs a dual-application system to address website accessibility concerns effectively. The accessibility interface manages user interface and design modifications, ensuring compliance with accessibility standards. Meanwhile, the AI-powered component navigates intricate requirements such as screen reader optimization and keyboard navigation enhancements.

Custom user experience for each user

The accessibility interface

AccessiBe's accessWidget interface embodies a session-based design approach, serving as a tool for user-specific adjustments to enhance accessibility. Empowering users to tailor website elements according to their distinct accessibility requirements, this feature facilitates a personalized browsing experience for all individuals.